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Why Smokers Don’t Quit

Why smokers don't quit

Why do you think that smoker's don't quit?

It’s probably not what you think.

No, it’s not about the nicotine. If it were, the gum and patch would do the trick, but it doesn’t. Tens of thousands of people have done the cold turkey and never looked back.

I know that thousands of smokers, every day, go on long flights across oceans, maybe 12, 14 or more hours without their cigarette and don’t have to be rushed to the ER when their plane lands. It is not on the same level of chemical addiction as that of alcohol, heroin, cocaine or crystal meth.

Not even close. I believe, and my experience tells me that it is a habit.

A powerful emotional habit.

Because it is a habit, it can be stopped, quite easily and painlessly. No withdrawal. No weight gain. No internal struggle.

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