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You can quit in 1 hour for good with a 90% success rate in just 1 session.

"I want to let you know, I don’t chew gum anymore. One week into it and all is good. I was skeptical at first, I fall into the category that I don’t think anything happened at the hypnosis but end result is I don’t chew gum anymore. Thank you"

- Brian

"I know that I will never smoke again. The desire for cigarettes is gone and I feel happy and healthier already. Every other time I have attempted to stop smoking has left me feeling deprived, irritable and anxious. I have none of these negative feelings now. I was able to give the rest of my cigarettes away without batting an eye. I feel great! "

- Anita Schneer

"I had the privilege of watching Andrew assist a person to become a non-smoker through the SFI guidelines. This technique was so gentle, so kind, so laid back, but so efficient: he displayed the utmost concern and sensitivity for the client. The client was ecstatic with the result."

- Elizabeth Clift

"After having used marijuana for 20 plus years, I was tired of my inability to control my use of the drug. I had tried ‘will power’ and other forms of giving it up but nothing really worked for me. After one hour with Andrew, I haven’t even had the smallest desire to smoke it again. Thank You Andrew!"

- M.E.

"It was easy and painless with no withdrawal symptoms. I tried everything else, gum, patch etc. This is the only way to go for a quick painless end to smoking."

- Susana Howard

"I feel sure that I am and will remain a non-smoker. The experience was pleasant and informative. I feel much stronger now."

- Vicki Lamborn

"Hi Andy,

I just wanted to thank you so much for my session and to share with you my experience yesterday evening.

First, It was amazing to be conscious but at the same time, so deep down that I really was in a trance. I was thinking about what I was trying to explain to you regarding my feeling of “not being there”. I now look back and realize it really felt like you had gone behind a veil and was talking directly to my subconscious mind and it was separate from my conscious mind. That’s why I didn’t “hear” you but you came back into focus at one point. Very fascinating experience!

I went home and changed and went to my ex’s for dinner. I was very relaxed and knew I would not be bothered by the desire to smoke. And I had a very nice evening! Went home and got ready for a new day. Slept very well!!

Today, I woke up and noticed red accents everywhere!…lol I thought, this is good, because red is in the environment everywhere, so I always have a strong anchor at home and when out in the world to strengthen my resolve. And it felt just like you described when I saw brake lights etc. Like doggie vigilance: “ah! there’s red!” and any feelings, cigarette cravings, or Little Red Devil on my Shoulder thoughts I may have had of self-doubt, disappeared like a mist. Then I got to my bus stop, without any feelings of anxiety at all. Instead of my usual lighting up a cigarette, I stayed in my car, listened to the radio, then calmly got out and walked to stand in line. I knew that my habit had changed, but I had no anxiety at all. I was more sleepy than usual but I napped on the bus. Then when I got to work, I usually have a cigarette before coming in the bldg, but had no desire to. Went to get my latte, went to my desk and started to work. Normally by then, without a cigarette for that long a time, I would be getting tearful or very frustrated. Not at all!! And I connected with my breath in my belly and do have been doing so when feeling any amount of stress at all as my morning goes on. You have embedded a reminder to use this simple and powerful tool! I know my day will continue like this. I am having lunch with a friend who smokes and I am not worried at all…because I know am a non-smoker now, and will be for the rest of my life
: )

Thank you Andy!!!!

Best Regards"

- Michele E.

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