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Vaping Loopholes Help Big Tobacco Addict Teens

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The rate of teen vaping has gone up exponentially in the past few years. Even before the Coronavirus epidemic, there were mounting cases of Acute Respiratory Failure in young adults showing up in emergency rooms across the country. Cigarettes have been around over one hundred years and it took the public decades to figure out the truth about tobacco’s threat to health. Vaping has been out for less than twenty years and it is already proving to be deadly. Now with Covid-19 it is more critical than ever to recognize the damage vaping does to the lungs immediately.

Due to gaping loopholes pushed through by Big Tobacco lobbyists, teens can still buy flavors for vaping. Sweet flavors and concentrated nicotine hook kids. The tobacco industry pulled the wool over the medical community’s eye, by selling it on the belief that vaping would be harm reduction by helping folks switch from real cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Instead it is now hooking a whole new generation on tobacco products. We have a unique opportunity now that much of the country is on lockdown and kids are at home away from their friends. The immediate pressure from their peer group to vape is gone. Those that were conflicted about vaping, but were doing it primarily because their friends were vaping, can take this opportunity to cold turkey. Of course the threat of contracting and being more vulnerable to coronavirus is an additional incentive to get real. Parents can have their teens read and see videos on the real effects of vaping. Once someone decides to quit, I can help. A short phone conversation is the best start. They can quit in one session by phone. Find out how. Call 415-488-0201

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