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Smoking Long Cigarettes Can Put You at Greater Risk

Smoking long cigarettes can put you at greater risk of lung and oral cancer. In a study by Dr. Vardavas from Harvard School of Public Health that looked at the urine of over 3,500 smokers, it found that those who smoked the longer cigarettes had significantly higher levels of a particular carcinogen specific to tobacco. In this case a type of tobacco specific nitrosamine called NNAL.

Folks, this should not be a shocker. Longer cigarettes means more time and more amounts of smoke inhaled per cigarette.

The basic message here is: THE MORE YOU SMOKE THE SICKER YOU WILL BE.

Most smokers don’t choose long cigarettes. In fact, most smokers over 30 are considering quitting. What is commonly found in smokers who are wanting to quit but not quite “there”, is smoking just a portion of the cigarette. They light it, take a few puffs and put it out or let it just burn without puffing on it. They are going through the motions of smoking but actually unconsciously weaning themselves. If you find yourself doing this you might just be ready to make the leap and become a non-smoker for good. Another sign of being close to quitting is the constant mental judge criticizing the behavior. The cycle is, smoke then beat yourself up, smoke again and beat yourself up again. The mental beating can range from very subtle feelings of worthlessness to outright negotiating with the self to quit, but never setting a date or firm intention.

Most smokers have tried to quit but failed, often many times. There is an essential piece to the puzzle that smokers are missing when they attempt to quit and this is why most fail.

Just make a call for a free phone consult to see how you can become a non-smoker without drugs, electronic cigarettes, or meetings. You can do it, no matter how many times you have tried before and failed. If you know the key ingredient it can be painless and gratifying. You have nothing to lose. Call now – 415-488-0201

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