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Quitting Smoking…..It’s All In Your Mind

Sometimes the common wisdom is just plain wrong And the truth is just that simple.

Ask anyone who has quit smoking successfully and they will most likely say a variation of the same theme; they simply made a decision. The rest is just not that important. Most people fail in their attempts to quit, until there is that switch that goes off, and they are just done with smoking. They know it too. Something shifted, in their feeling and thinking about smoking, and then it became easy.

There are ways to make this happen more predictably, rather than waiting for that moment to randomly happen. One way is to engage a hypnotherapist who specializes in smoking cessation. Another is to read Allen Carr’s THE EASY WAY TO STOP SMOKING. Sometimes all it takes is reading that book and it could put a smoker just over that tipping point.

Or, just pick up the phone right now and call 415-488-0201 and then let the rest just happen. By making that phone call, you have taken the most important action that will enable you to become a non-smoker for good. Don’t overthink it. Just Do It!

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