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Quitting Smoking: Is It Mind Over Matter?

Most smokers over the age of 30 want to quit smoking. They think about stopping the tobacco habit to varying degrees, some even attempt to quit, but find themselves smoking again. Let’s compare this group to those who successfully quit. What the successful quitters will share is that they too had failed attempts, but the quit that worked for them had one element in common – they all made a decision that they would not smoke ever again. No matter what, they wouldn’t smoke. That resolve made all the difference.

There are many ways to quit smoking, but none will work without that resolve. If you find yourself wanting to quit but not quite there with that determined feeling, there is a way to get there.

Try this: Each time you smoke a cigarette focus on the actual experience. Focus on the sensation of smoking; the smell, the feeling of the smoke in your lungs, the way you are feeling about your smoking habit. Do you actually enjoy it or are you compelled to for some strange reason? See if the first puff is the same as the 5th or 10th? Stay with the experience.

Then ask some questions: Do you want to continue to do this a year from now? Or six months? What would life be like if you didn’t “need” to smoke? How much money would you save? (Actually calculate your weekly, monthly costs) How is it affecting relationships in your life? Do you actually need to smoke?

Once you decide that you don’t want to have cigarettes control you anymore consider using hypnosis to make it that much easier. Hypnosis will address the root cause of that feeling that compels you to smoke; which is the hidden belief that smoking is good for you. This belief goes back to the first cigarettes you ever smoked. You originally smoked because it made you feel good about yourself socially. The cigarette didn’t make you feel good, but the act of smoking was associated with being cool, or accepted or being an adult or a rebel. Whatever it was for you, you felt good about yourself when you smoked. This belief is still with you if you are still smoking. Hypnosis can eliminate this false programming and reintroduce the truth about tobacco. Tobacco is a threat to your survival. When your unconscious mind sees tobacco for what it is, you will no longer want it.

Quitting smoking can be easy. Call 877-283-4137 for a free consultation.

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