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Do You Remember Your First Cigarette?

For most people it was not a pleasurable experience. It took some getting used to. In fact, for those who became smokers, there was some compelling force that made the beginning smoker keep smoking and it wasn’t a nicotine addiction. It was a social benefit that compelled that new smoker to keep smoking.

Think about this scenario. A five year old takes a puff of a cigarette because she saw Daddy put it down in the ashtray. That five year old will not take a second puff, because every sense awareness in that child told her that it was disgusting. Coughing, burning mouth and nose, nausea, and stink was the body warning that child that this experience wasn’t something to be repeated. If it felt good she would have taken another puff. In fact it FELT AWFUL.

The Physical Act of Smoking Feels Awful A teenager who picks up a cigarette is a whole new story. Now it is all about the social needs of a teenager. The teenager is feeling good about herself when she is fitting in, feeling accepted, feeling cool, feeling like an adult. Whatever it is that is making the teenager feel good, it is not the cigarette itself, but the association is made because when she feel good socially, she notices a cigarette in her hand and makes that false connection. Like Pavlov’s dog connected food to the sound of the bell, a teenager makes the connection to feeling good with the actual cigarette. This is what drives the smoking.

Nicotine Addiction is Really a Psychological Habit When we talk about Facebook addiction, gambling addiction, shopping addiction we are really talking about habits. These behaviors are not chemical dependencies, they are psychological habits. This is important to understand. Nicotine addiction is not the factor that makes or breaks a smoker’s habit. It is the psychological component that matters most. It only takes 24-48 hours for nicotine to leave the body. Many people are able to quit for weeks, months and even years. What causes an ex smoker to start again is not nicotine. It is a thought. It is the thought that having just one wouldn’t hurt. Hypnosis will prepare someone for this thought and enable them to easily respond without smoking.

Smoking is a Habit. Habits are Broken by Making a Decision. Smoking cessation can be easy if you use hypnosis. You can do it. Get information now on how easy it can be. Fill out the form to the right for more information or call 877-283-4137. We’re located in Marin County and have several satellite offices throughout the Easy Bay.

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