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3 Reasons Hypnosis Works for Smoking Cessation

Hypnosis has been recognized for thousands of years and is used for treating pain, depression, anxiety, psychological problems and habit disorders. Hypnosis is now a scientifically proven method for making significant changes in our lives such as quitting smoking. I have been using hypnotherapy to help people quit smoking for more than 20 years, and here three reasons why it works:

Reason 1 – Hypnosis is Safe There are no side effects, unlike the commonly prescribed drugs that are now being used for smoking cessation. Most of those drugs were never designed for quitting smoking but are being used “off label”; meaning they are being used in a way they were not originally intended for. Hypnosis has no adverse effects because you are simply in a relaxed state. You are awake and conscious of what is going on. You are in total control at all times. You are accepting suggestions that are pointing you in the direction of becoming a nonsmoker for good. You want to accept the suggestions because you have been wanting to become a nonsmoker for a long, long time.

Reason 2 – Hypnosis is Effective There are plenty of studies such as this one from The Huffington Post and this from PositiveChanges that illustrate the effectiveness for hypnosis to help people quit smoking. The most powerful evidence is the fact that millions of people successfully quit smoking for good every year. When you examine those people, the ones who are successful in staying free from smoking, you see one common denominator: They made a clear decision to quit. They were determined.

Hypnosis is using that determination to correct the root problem, that all smokers have. This problem is the hidden or unconscious belief that smoking makes us feel good. Once that belief is revealed to be false, there will no longer be a desire to smoke. Hypnosis helps reveal that smoking makes us feel sick. Once that truth is revealed, the spell is broken, and the smoker no longer craves the cigarette.

Reason 3 – Quitting Tobacco with Hypnosis is Easy The main reason why people failed in past attempts to quit is that they felt it is hard. They didn’t want to be in pain or discomfort. Basically they didn’t want to suffer because no one wants to suffer. So even when someone has stopped smoking for awhile, when that first difficult situation arises, or if a particularly stressful event happens, they reach for that cigarette. They tell themselves that they can quit again, or that they can have this one cigarette.

With hypnosis, all those internal drives that create those feelings of being deprived of something they need are no longer operating. Once the belief “that smoking is good for you” is gone, you no longer crave the cigarette. You treat cigarettes the way you treat any poison, you stay away from them naturally, without any effort. In the same way that you don’t wake up in the morning and crave a drink of gasoline, you don’t crave a cigarette. You don’t spend any energy worrying about whether or not you will drink gasoline. You naturally avoid poison. It doesn’t take any effort or willpower to not drink gasoline. In the same way that the mind recognises gasoline as a poison, it will see tobacco as a poison. Your mind does not crave poison. Quitting smoking is easy when you follow the way the mind works naturally.

Make the decision now to become a nonsmoker for good.

Instead of constantly fighting yourself, wanting to quit, yet still smoking, take the path of least resistance and allow yourself to take the first step to easily becoming a nonsmoker. This is the best time to act. Either call now 877-283-4137 for a free 15 min consult or fill out the form and we will contact you. Our main office is in Marin County, but we work with clients all throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

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