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Why Obama Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

In an recent online article from USA Today, “President Obama says he quit smoking for one major reason: First Lady Michelle Obama.” In the same article Michelle said that he quit because of his daughters. They were getting older and he wouldn’t be able to hide it from them any more and he wouldn’t be able to tell them not to do something that he was doing himself. These are all good reasons. Reasons are not the whole story about what motivates us.

Basically, he made a decision. Now if he used hypnosis it wouldn’t have been so hard, and he wouldn’t have had so many slips. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that he made the decision to quit. Everyone will have reasons to quit that motivate them more than others; spouses, lovers, children, a scary diagnosis, being a social pariah, having a loved one who is ill or died from a tobacco related illness, or maybe it is simply the inconvenience of smoking. The reasons are always present. The difference is that one day something shifts, a tipping point is reached, and the clarity arises that this stinking habit must go.

When Hypnosis Works Best Fear of quitting and the momentum of the habit are what keep people smoking. At a certain point the balance between what keeps us smoking and the negatives that compel us to stop tips. The unconscious habit is now no longer so unconscious. Each cigarette becomes a problem. We know that we don’t like it anymore, yet we find ourselves still smoking. This is when hypnosis will work best. When we would like nothing better than to be free of it yet somehow can’t find it in us to stop.

If this sounds familiar, do yourself a favor. Make the decision to quit now and call a hypnotist who specializes in smoking cessation. I am in the Marin County and work with clients quit all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Call 877-283-4137 now to have a free, no-obligation conversation about your decision to quit smoking.

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