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Electronic Cigarettes are A Sham

Electronic cigarettes (E cigarettes) are vapor and mirrors, with toxins mixed in. The argument in favor of them is that they are the lesser evil compared to real cigarettes. Another argument proponents put out is that they help people quit tobacco. There are problems with both of these views. Let’s take a look at what is really going on.

The number one problem with e cigarettes is that they are unregulated. You don’t know what is in them. Nicotine is one of the advertised ingredients but the actual dose when someone inhales the vapor from an e cigarette is unknown. In one analysis done by the FDA, low levels of nitrosamines, ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol, all known carcinogens, were found in the electronic cigarettes tested. If people used them temporarily to quit, then there could be an argument that the e cigarettes were helpful for them. The reality is that e cigarettes are bringing in new teen smokers far more than they are helping smokers quit. Tobacco companies know this and are capitalizing on it.

In most states there are no restrictions on the marketing and advertising of e cigarettes. Minors are able to legally purchase e cigarettes in many places that they are not able to buy tobacco cigarettes. A Huffington post article states that “While cigarette companies say they don’t market to kids, e-cigarettes come in flavors like cherry, strawberry, vanilla and cookies and cream milkshake.”. You decide if the tobacco companies aren’t targeting minors.

There is no clear evidence that e cigarettes are helpful in smoking cessation.

In one study, published online in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, the data showed that those who used the e cigarettes were less successful in quitting than those who used other methods.

E cigarettes are big money.

The tobacco companies have taken over the e cigarette market. In a report by Businessweek, sales for electronic cigarettes world wide is $2 billion, and is expected to increase to $10 billion by 2017. This market is new and big tobacco sees a huge opportunity here. The regulations for sales, manufacturing and advertising is not in place for e cigarettes and the tobacco companies are fighting to keep the regulations at a minimum. The FDA has yet to make a ruling on e cigarettes.

If you are thinking of how to quit smoking with the electronic cigarette, think again. Know that the most successful ways to quit smoking do not involve any drug, or any device. You can quit safely, naturally and effectively by just using the mind. Hypnosis will help turbo charge the decision to quit smoking now.


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